Located on the beautiful Kitsap Peninsula, Clear Creek Trail is almost 8 miles from Silverdale Waterfront Park on Dyes Inlet north to Trigger Avenue.  It follows Clear Creek as it meanders through riparian areas, wetlands, and remnant forests.  Hard to believe it's in the middle of a highly developed urban area.


July 1 thru July 31

Discovery Play Days - Wildlife

Discovery Play Days offers hands-on activities and outdoor education for young children  (3 – 10 year-olds) and their parents or guardians.

 Storytime with Miss Aleah, the youth librarian at the Silverdale Library, has evolved to Storywalk at three different section of the 8 mile long trail.

This year, we're safely exploring the outdoors. Our first exploration happened in June with a Low Tide Beach Walk at Old Mill Park in Silverdale. 


July's Discovery Play Day is in the north valley. Start at the Dog/Skate Park and follow the signs to the posted book, "The Marsh in the Meadow." 


Pick up an activity kit at the Silverdale Library for a fun, learning adventure on your own or with WSU Stream Stewards on July 22nd. 


More information is at Clear Creek Trail's facebook page or at the Silverdale Library where you can pick up an activity kit.


Thursday, July 29

Install StoryWalk boards

Join us to install 16 StoryWalk boards that contain pages from a book: About Birds A Guide for Children by Cathryn Sill.

We'll be using a hammer to pound in the stakes which the pedestals for the StoryWalk boards are attached to.

After installation we'll enjoy a picnic lunch.  Please RSVP to Volunteer@Clear CreekTrail.org


Did you know:

  • Birds have feathers, wings, lay eggs and are warm blooded?

  • Birds have hollow bones which help them fly?

  • There are around 10000 different species of birds worldwide?

  • The Ostrich is the largest bird in the world?

  • Scientists believe that birds evolved from theropod dinosaurs!

On August 12th, The Kitsap Audubon will host a story time near the Ridgetop Pavilion (adjacent to 9228 Ridgetop Blvd.) to talk about Clear Creek Birds and their preferred habitat. More later!



Saturday, July 31

Resurface the  Clear Creek Trail

Experienced Wheelbarrow Drivers Needed!  Or perhaps your forte is the business end of a rake?  But Wait! If you can whack back brush with the best of them, we need you too!

 Join us for one more morning of resurfacing trail behind Ross Dress for Less on SATURDAY, JULY 31st from 9:30 until we're done or lunch time whichever happens first.


After two successful work parties last weekend, we have about 10 more yards of gravel to make the trail more accessible.

RSVP to Volunteer@ClearCreekTrail.org to sign up. Thank you!






9641 Levin Road 

Silverdale, WA 98383

P.O. Box 1188

Phone: 360.434.7665

Email: info@clearcreektrail.org