Located on the beautiful Kitsap Peninsula, Clear Creek Trail is almost 8 miles from Silverdale Waterfront Park on Dyes Inlet north to Trigger Avenue.  It follows Clear Creek as it meanders through riparian areas, wetlands, and remnant forests.  Hard to believe it's in the middle of a highly developed urban area.


Summer 2020

Safety First on the Trail


Stay safe, wear a mask or have it at the ready and leash your dog.

Because many of our Adopt a Trail volunteers are older or in the military where they are mission essential, the trail in some places is less than our standard 6' wide.

A few tips for all Clear Creek Trail users:


Please, if you bring it in, take it out and dispose of it properly. Do not leave it for volunteers to take care of.


If you do walk, run or bike, please practice physical distancing by stepping to the side on narrow trails and keeping 6 ft between you and your friends not in your household. Stay home if you’re under the weather.


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September 2020

Volunteers = Trail Maintenance

The Clear Creek Task Force is an all volunteer organization maintaining Clear Creek Trail on both public and private land.

Volunteers mow, trim back brush, pick up trash,  paint over graffiti, empty trash cans, fill mutt mitt dispensers and repair trail.

Many of our Adopt-a-Trail groups are from military organizations and have had other important responsibilities since the Stay at Home directive.

We need your help keeping the trail in good shape. Please, if you pack it in, pack it out.

And please report damage to the trail, graffiti and other situations that needs special attention to keep the trail a safe and peaceful place.



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Saturday, October 17

Plant One for the Pod

The Southern Resident Orcas living along the West Coast stay together for generations and have members that are over 90 years old.

On July 24, 2018 the first calf born to the group in three years died. The mother, J35 Tahlequah, carried her baby’s lifeless body on her back for over 2 weeks—a period of mourning never before seen.


Today, the West Coast whales are the only segment of Orcas listed under the Endangered Species Act.

Extinct means forever, but endangered means we have time to bring this pod back from the brink.

Restoring salmon runs to streams, planting trees that benefit habitat, and engaging You and your family to help restore habitat to insure Southern Resident Orcas will  have the food and clean water they need to thrive.

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