Located on the beautiful Kitsap Peninsula, Clear Creek Trail is almost 8 miles from Silverdale Waterfront Park on Dyes Inlet north to Trigger Avenue.  It follows Clear Creek as it meanders through riparian areas, wetlands, and remnant forests.  Hard to believe it's in the middle of a highly developed urban area.



Leaves and Rain are falling

Which means the salmon are returning to their natal streams and with the recent wind and rain, the falling leaves make our boardwalks very slick.


The Clear Creek Task Force is raking leaves and small branches as fast as they're falling! But we could sure use your help.


We invite you to bring a rake or a broom on your outing to keep our boardwalks less slippery. Just rake them off the boardwalk but be sure not to throw any trash into the riparian area. Salmon might eat those cigarette butts or flashy candy wrappers.

We have rakes, brooms, gloves and bags if needed but your welcome to bring your own.





Kitsap Salmon Viewing

Kitsap streams are filled with returning chum and coho!

Along Clear Creek, the best places to observe returning salmon are the observations deck at Ridgetop Pavilion (adjacent to 9228 Ridgetop Blvd.) the Pedestrian Bridge behind Goodwill and the T bridge northeast of All Star Lanes.

Or check out other sites around Kitsap, at these sites you and your family will  experience this remarkable migration.


​     More great info here:​​ 

    Kitsap Salmon Tours and Info




Tuesday, November 30

Giving Tuesday

Whenever I walk the Clear Creek Trail, I'm reminded of the incredible volunteer effort it took to build it. Dedicated volunteers continue to diligently work to ensure a well maintained Trail.

Since 1993, we have taught the community about the fragile Clear Creek ecosystem. Free educational events such as Discovery Play Days, Water Quality Monitoring, Salmon in the Classroom, and riparian restoration engage fabulous volunteers, young and not so young.

This Giving Tuesday, our goal is to raise $7,000 to continue the work rejuvenating trails. Give with a donation, Big or small, through Give Big Washington

We are extremely grateful for your gift that helps maintain the Clear Creek Trail.




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