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   Trailheads and Parking

Clear Creek Sa’qad Interpretive Center is located at the mouth of Clear Creek. From Silverdale Way, travel east on Bucklin Hill Road over the bridge at the mouth and turn left onto Levin Road and immediately left again into the Creekside Office Park. Our Interpretive Center is located in the red barn at the western edge of this parking lot. 


Park in this lot on weekends and after business hours. Weekdays, park at Old Mill Park across Bucklin Hill Road. There is a crosswalk on the eastern side of the bridge to the Clear Creek Trailhead and Interpretive Center. 

Ridgetop bisects the trail here. Our
Ridgetop Pavilion is located adjacent to 9228 Ridgetop Blvd., Silverdale. Here you can picnic under the red flowering chestnut tree or creekside on the observation deck. On the northwest side of Ridgetop Blvd, parking is available in the lot behind Car Toys. Use the parking spaces north of Car Toys during their business hours.


Pedestrian Bridge

The trail continues on both sides of the creek to Myhre Road. The east side utilizes a vacated road as trail to the Pedestrian Bridge.  There is parking available on the west side of the creek behind the businesses even during business hours.


All Star Lanes Trailhead

Is located in the northeast corner of All Star Lanes Bowling Alley. There is access to several loops from the trailhead. Two head west around the pond to Silverdale Way and one heads west with one spur heading west to Silverdale Way, another spur south to Myhre and a third climbs east to Hospital Hill.


The Doctors Clinic Trailhead

Is off Myhre Road in the Doctors Clinic Salmon Center parking lot. The trail goes down to the Old Homestead or up a dirt path to Hospital Hill.


Harrison Medical Center Trailhead

Is located on Ridgetop Boulevard just south of Hwy 303. There is no parking along Ridgetop Boulevard.


Dog/Skate Park Trailhead

has public parking for the fenced dog park, Skateboard Park and Trailhead to the north wetlands trails. On sunny Saturdays, the parking overflows onto Silverdale Way.


Markwick Trailhead

Located on the northeast corner of Silverdale Way and Hwy 303, there is public parking available out front and inside the gate. 


Schold Road Trailhead

Is accessed off Silverdale Way onto Schold Place then left onto a quiet neighborhood Schold Road. Parking is on the gravel shoulders. There is a turnaround at the south end of the dead end. Please do not use driveways to turn around.


Trigger Avenue Trailhead

Off Highway 3’s exit 47, there is a limited amount of parking on the shoulder. Do not park on the viaduct.

This pattern, Stars & Lightning, is taken from a traditional Suquamish basket design.

This urban trail is in the heart of Kitsap County’s largest retail center so trailheads and available parking are, for the most part, in business parking lots.

However, these business neighbors appreciate trail users only use their lots outside of their business hours if you are not using their business services.

Public parking is available at Silverdale Waterfront Park and at Old Mill Park at the northern edge of Dyes Inlet.  Public Parking is also available at the Dog/Skate Park north of Hwy 303 on Silverdale Way.

Trailheads listed below are locations  where access and parking are available.


9641 Levin Road 

Silverdale, WA 98383

P.O. Box 1188

Phone: 360.434.7665



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