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Clear Creek Trail is an urban trail with spurs and loops from the northern shores of Dyes Inlet and meandering north along salmon bearing Clear Creek through riparian areas, wetlands, and remnant forests. There are two spurs that climb east from the main stem up the hill to Harrison Hospital and one east up the hill from Markwick Park.

Man hiking on Clear Creek Trail


  • Report safety hazards to or text 360.434.7665

  • This is an urban trail, use caution when crossing streets.

  • Be aware of other trail users and provide them the courtesy you would want.

  • Stay on the trail; respect private property and sensitive stream areas.

  • Clean up after your pets. Bags and garbage cans are located along the trail. Pack it out, please.

  • Pets, according to Kitsap County law, must kept under control at all times, either by leash or voice. Keep pets out of sensitive wildlife areas.

  • Always maintain passing room on your left.

  • Bicyclists slow down when overcoming trail walkers and sightlines are short.

  • No motorized vehicles, aside from electric assisted bikes, segways and wheelchairs.

  The Clear Creek Trail is built on both private and public land.

Please respect the privacy of landowners and stay on the trails. The Clear Creek Task Force has trail license agreements with private land owners.  Trail built on county property is in unincorporated Kitsap County and subject to the laws of the county.

The Clear Creek Trail is not part of nor managed by Kitsap County Parks which has its own rules for park use.

The Clear Creek Trail is ADA compliant where possible. Much of the trail is comprised of hard packed gravel with boardwalk over the wetlands and bridges over the creek.

However, there are some locations where the slopes exceed recommended values, such as the narrow, dirt path from The Doctors Clinic up to Harrison Medical Center and the climb on a wider dirt path from Markwick to Ridgetop Boulevard.


The Clear Creek Trail is family friendly with baby strollers and little tikes on bikes. Bikes do well on the mile-long paved trail in the North Wetlands. It’s perfect for beginners with no motorized vehicles allowed so parents have worry free family recreation.


In the downtown areas, boardwalks zigzag and there is limited sight distance. Use caution and proceed slowly. Mountain bikes are best for the two trails that climb up to Ridgetop. Runners also appreciate the expanse of non-motorized trail.


Beach walks around Dyes Inlet are best around low tide. You can walk the beach and watch the birds fishing for lunch around the estuary. Always check the tides first!


The Clear Creek birds like to gather in the early morning to scavenge for breakfast. You can easily observe them with binoculars from the Bucklin Hill Bridge. Other spots include the wetlands, forests and hedgerows in the North Wetlands.


Fishing and Shellfish harvesting are Department of Fish & Wildlife licensed activities. Be aware of Kitsap County Health Departments closures for red tide and other occurrences.

Yielding Guidance

  • The Clear Creek Trail is enjoyed by many. Bicyclists, runners, dogs, and strollers. Be aware of others you share the trail with.

  • Yield the right of way to those passing you from behind.

  • Bicyclist yield to those on foot.



During the summer months, there are kayaks for rent at Silverdale Waterfront Park, The Silverdale Beach Hotel has brightly colored bikes for use by their guests. The birding in the estuary in the early mornings is exquisite, with eagles and herons that continue to feast on the rich tideland oasis.

This pattern, Fishnet, is taken from a traditional Suquamish basket design


9641 Levin Road 

Silverdale, WA 98383

P.O. Box 1188

Phone: 360.434.7665



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